Strange movements normal for babies learning to crawl


Is your baby learning to crawl? Don’t worry so much if they make “strange” movements because it is all part of the process.

Learning to crawl is anything but cookie cutter. One baby might try to master the art by placing weight on their elbows; another might use the back of their hands.

Even if a baby struggles to use their knees at all to begin with, parents do not need to worry, according to experts from the magazine Baby and Family. Each child has their own method for learning to crawl.

Sometimes a child might position their hands in a peculiar way – parents need not be alarmed. This is not painful for the baby, nor does it have long term consequences, the experts explain.

However, if the baby retains this strange hand position after they have mastered crawling, parents should speak with their paediatrician. – dpa


‘This way, baby.’

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