The Panasonic Cubie Oven is your one-stop kitchen machine


Have you ever zipped around your kitchen fiddling with various appliances, and thought, “Why hasn’t someone invented a machine that can do it all?” Well, as it turns out, they have and its name is the Panasonic Cubie Oven.

This oven is the sort of kitchen superhero that quite literally matches the description “looks can be deceiving”. While it closely resembles all the traditional connotations of what an oven looks like, it can do so much more than you could possibly imagine.

To begin with, this oven can steam food. Yes, you read that right – steam food! The oven has three steam settings – low-temperature steaming (80°C), normal steaming (100°C) and high steaming (120°C).

Basically, you can choose the appropriate steam setting to match both the ingredients and the cooking goals that you’re looking for.

Panasonic’s Cubie Oven is a hardworking, multi-tasking genius that can steam, bake, roast, fry and ferment. – Photos: Panasonic

The low temperature steam, for example, is designed to attain perfectly steamed vegetables without losing nutritional value. The normal steaming, meanwhile, delivers great tasting steamed dishes, while high steaming works wonders for busy urbanites looking to put together a healthy meal quickly.

The upper and lower racks of the oven also allow for multiple dishes to be steamed at the same time, which is great if you’re making steamed puddings or buns.

With the steam setting, “fast” and “efficient” are words you’re likely to lob around a lot, as steam is generated in 20 seconds and the oven can reach 100°C in just three minutes, which ensures you’ll be able to produce a healthy meal in record time.

Mummies and clean freaks will also find the high steaming feature particularly useful for other reasons – the Cubie can quickly and effectively sterilise baby bottles or even tableware.

So you don’t need to invest in a pricey steriliser; just pop whatever you want to sterilise into the Cubie and you’re good to go.

The Cubie is also adept at roasting and baking, so you can make delicious cookies and cakes or roast a chicken in there too. This is achieved with the help of the temperature sensor, which ranges between 100°C to 230°C and ensures the food reaches the desired temperature.

Another highly prized function that the Cubie has … that you’re unlikely to find in any other oven? Fermentation.

With the fermentation function, you can make homemade yoghurt or ferment the dough for your own homemade pizzas and breads, which makes making breads and yoghurt on a daily basis that much simpler.

If you’re hankering after some fried food, you’ll be happy to know that the Cubie also serves as a healthy fryer!

When you activate this function, hot air circulates to heat ingredients, ensuring finger-licking, perfectly crispy food that has all the addictive qualities of fried food, without the additional oil it traditionally requires.

You may think that an oven with all these amazing features would probably be a huge tank of a machine that is likely to take up a whole lot of space in your kitchen. And once again, the Cubie will prove you wrong.

The little 15L oven is 351mm high, 355mm wide and 455m deep and looks compact on the outside but has a spacious interior with a no-heating design element that allows 100% of the oven space to be used effectively.

This little oven can hold an entire fish for steaming, 24 stuffed buns and a whole 1.5kg chicken!

So, if you’re looking to eliminate all the hassle associated with whip-ping up healthy meals at home, the Panasonic Cubie Oven promises to deliver a multi-ability experience that will make “stress-free” an everyday reality in your kitchen.

The Panasonic Cubie Oven NU-SC100WMPQ retails at RM1,279.

cordon bleu

Serves 2

2 chicken breasts
2 slices cheddar cheese
2 slices chicken or turkey ham
salt and pepper to taste

For coating
2 eggs
1 cup plain flour
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup breadcrumbs

To make
Cut a pocket in the thick side of each piece of chicken breast. Season with salt and pepper.

Place a slice of cheese over a piece of ham and roll up. Wrap in cling film. Repeat with the remaining ham and cheese. Refrigerate.

Once chilled, unwrap and tuck the ham and cheese rolls into the pocket of the chicken.

Beat eggs in a bowl. Place flour, paprika and salt in a bowl and breadcrumbs in a separate bowl.

Coat chicken with the spiced flour, followed by the beaten eggs and finally dredge in the breadcrumbs.

Arrange the breaded chicken on a steam bake tray and cook on Healthy Fry for 15 minutes.

Serve hot.

To find out more, plus get great recipe ideas, go to the Panasonic website by clicking here.


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